Threading is an ancient technique. Thread is used to arch the eyebrows with perfect definition which enhances your beauty and gives you a great look. Threading is less painful than waxing. The re-growth of hair will be slower & softer, last longer than waxing. Threading does not burn, irritate, or peel off upper layer of the skin. Threading works for all skin types, especially sensitive skin. The process involves removing hair from the root, using a thread. Facial hair removal is the most common use for threading, especially shaping eyebrows. Hair on the chin, cheeks, sideburns, and upper lip can also be taken off with this technique. During the procedure, the technician loops a long piece of thread around the hairs targeted for removal and twists very quickly to pull the hairs out from the root.

Eyebrows & Upper lip$15.00
Upper lip$ 6.00
Eyebrows & Forehead$15.00
Eyebrows, Upper lip & Forehead$17.00
Eyebrows, Upper lip &Lower lip$17.00
Eyebrows, Upper lip & Chin$18.00
Eyebrows, Upper lip & Nose$18.00

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